FAMILY FINDER: Abby and Serenity

FAMILY FINDER: Abby and Serenity

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - On this week's Family Finder, we meet Abby and Serenity from Foster Arizona.

These sisters are active and very creative according to their Foster Arizona guardian.

"These sisters love to do hands on activities from arts and crafts to puzzles and board games," said Karla from Foster Arizona.

You will almost always find Abby with a smile and up for anything.

"When I'm around Abby she always has something to share with me," said Karla.

Serenity isn't too different than her sister though.

"Serenity's personality is very bubbly, very fun and very active," said Karla

Serenity and Abby would love to be part of a two parent household with a mom and dad that can provide them one on one attention.

The girls say they also want a pet and would love a sibling.

"They would really benefit from having either siblings that are younger than them cause they're very nurturing and loving or older so they can have role models to follow," said Karla.

These sweet girls need a loving and nurturing family that can understand all that they need.

Help Abby and Serenity find a forever family. To learn more about adopting this pair head to or contact Karla at 480-436-4658.

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