Neighborhood on Tucson's NW side begins cleanup after monster storm

Cleaning up storm damage

TUCSON, AZ, AND MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The sound of chainsaws could be heard all around the neighborhood near Massingale and Oldfather.

Many of the residents or landscapers were chopping down branches, trees and other debris. It could take a couple of days get everything cleared up.

"It was terrifying we just got done putting a brand new roof on the house and it took us two months to finish it and all you see is a tree laying on top of the roof," said Carl Taylor, whose fixer-upper luckily was not damaged during the storm. However the same could not be said for a saguaro cactus in the front yard.

"We love the saguaro but now it's a complete loss," said Taylor. "We just have to remove it." They did, spending four to five hours cleaning the front yard, but they still have a long way to go.

Just driving or walking around the neighborhood, every homeowner lost something, a tree, a cactus, even a wall or a fence.

Marc Jotzat doing his best to chop down a massive tree in his backyard, the aftermath of the storm that roared through his yard.

"I have been down here for 6 and a half years and I have never seen anything like that," said Jotzat. "I have seen it bad, not that bad. It was pretty incredible."

That tree also knocked down the family's back fence, which the family had just reinforced a few months ago. In the storm it fell down like bowling pins.

"Because we were worried it was going to fall over and sure enough. for now we are just going to clean it up and start building a new one," he said.

The family's biggest hurdle in the efforts to clean up the yard seemed to be getting their power tools to work properly.

"We just brought a chainsaw and we can't get it to run, so we might have to go return it and get a new one or something," said Jotzat. "So far we are just doing everything by hand it's going to take awhile but we will get it."

Residents in the area say, it was a pretty bad storm that ripped through the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon.

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