AZ Supreme Court grants Sophia Richter a new trial

AZ Supreme Court grants Sophia Richter a new trial

PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling in the case of Sophia Richter, whose child abuse and kidnapping convictions were overturned by a lower court.

The state's highest court reversed her convictions and ordered a new trial.

In March 2016, Richter was sentenced to 20 years for keeping her three daughters imprisoned in their home for several months.

Her husband, Fernando Richter, is serving a 58-year prison sentence for his convictions related to the girls' home imprisonment.

The Richters face similar kidnapping and child abuse charges in Pinal County, where they lived before moving to Tucson.

Pinal officials had said that trial would start sometime after the trial in Pima County ended.

In the Pinal County indictment, Fernando Richter is also accused of child molestation and sexual abuse.

Last year, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled a trial judge erred in not letting Sophia Richter introduce a defense that she was compelled to commit the crimes by her husband's threats and use of force.

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