ELECTION: Major primaries to be decided Tuesday

ELECTION: Major primaries to be decided Tuesday

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - On Tuesday, Aug. 27, Arizona residents will hit the polls to decide numerous primary races and local elections.

There is none bigger than the one to replace Senator Jeff Flake, who is not running for re-election.

Kyrsten Sinema is facing Deedra Abboud in the Democratic primary while Martha McSally in battling Joe Arpaio, Kelli Ward, Nicholas Glenn and William Gonzales for the Republican nod.

Most polls have Sinema and McSally advancing to face off in the Nov. 6 general election.

The polls will be open until 7 p.m. Tuesday and Tucson News Now will be live on Facebook throughout the night to bring you the results.

Other federal-level primaries include congressional spots for districts 1, 2 and 3.

There are also several state-level primaries of note, including governor, secretary of state, attorney general and superintendent of public instruction.

Learn more about each candidate HERE. Bookmark or save this story as we will update it Tuesday night as the results roll in.

Below is a list of every primary and local election that will impact southern Arizona.



Democrat: Deedra Abboud, Kyrsten Sinema.

Green: Angela Green.

Libertarian: Adam Kokesh.

Republican: Joe Arpaio, Martha McSally, Kelli Ward, Nicholas Glenn, William Gonzales.

Congress (District 1)

Democrat: Tom O'Halleran.

Libertarian: Zhani Doko.

Republican: Wendy Rogers, Tiffany Shedd, Steve Smith.

Congress (District 2)

Democrat: Matt Heinz, Ann Kirkpatrick, Billy Kovacs, Maria Matiella, Barbara Sherry, Bruce Wheeler, Yahya Yuksel.

Republican: Lea Marquez Peterson, Brandon Martin, Daniel Romero Morales Jr., Casey Welch.

Congress (District 3)

Democrat: Raul Grijalva, Joshua Garcia.

Republican: Sergio Arellano, Nicolas Pierson, Edna San Miguel.



Democrat: Steve Farley, Kelly Fryer, David Garcia, Mirza Fareed Baig.

Green: Noah Dyer, Angel Torres.

Libertarian: Barry Hess.

Republican: Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Robert Weber.

Secretary of State

Democrat: Katie Hobbs.

Libertarian: Jenn Gray.

Republican: Steve Gaynor, Michele Reagan.

Attorney General

Democrat: January Contreras.

Libertarian: Michael Kielsky.

Republican: Mark Brnovich.

State Treasurer

Democrat: Mark Manoil.

Republican: Jo Ann Sabbagh, Kimberly, Yee.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Democrat: Kathy Hoffman, David Schapira.

Republican: Bob Branch, Diane Douglas, Jonathan Gelbart, Tracy Livingston, Frank Riggs.

State Mine Inspector

Democrat: William Pierce.

Libertarian: Kim Ruff.

Republican: Joe Hart.

Corporation Commissioner

Democrat: Sandra Kennedy, William Mundell, Kiana Maria Sears.

Republican: Tom Forese, Rodney Glassman, James O'Connor, Justin Olson, Eric Sloan.


District 2

Democrat: Andrea Dalessandro.

Republican: Shelley Kais, Bobby Wilson.

District 3

Democrat: Sally Ann Gonzales, Betty Villegas.

District 4

Democrat: Lisa Otondo.

District 9

Democrat: Jim Love, Victoria Steele.

Republican: Randy Fleenor.

District 10

Democrat: David Bradley.

Republican: Marilyn Wiles.

District 11

Democrat: Ralph Atchue.

Green Mohammad Arif.

Republican: Venden Leach.

District 14

Democrat: Jaime Alvarez, Mendy Gomez.

Republican: David Gowan, Drew Jones, Lori Kilpatrick.


District 2

Democrat: Rosanna Gabaldon, Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Republican: John Christopher Ackerley, Anthony Sizer.

District 3

Democrat: Olivia Cajero Bedford, Andres Cano, Alma Hernandez.

Green Beryl Baker.

District 4

Democrat: Charlene Fernandez, Geraldine Peten.

Green Sara Mae Williams.

District 9

Democrat: Randall Friese, J.P. Martin, Pamela Powers Hannley.

Republican: Ana Henderson.

District 10

Democrat: Domingo Degrazia, Kristen Engel, Nikki Lee, Catherine Ripley.

Green Joshua Reilly.

Republican: Todd Clodfelter.

District 11

Democrat: Hollace Lyon, Barry McCain, Marcela Quiroz.

Republican: Mark Finchem, Howell Jones, Bret Roberts.

District 14

Democrat: Bob Karp, Shelley Renne-Leon.

Republican: Gail Griffin, Becky Nutt.


South Tucson City Council (pick three)

Nonpartisan: Rufino Cantu Jr., Robert Larribas, Akanni Oyegbola, Robert Romero, Robert Teso.

Oro Valley Mayor

Nonpartisan: Satish Hiremath, Joe Winfield.

Oro Valley Town Council (pick three)

Nonpartisan: Melanie Barrett, Joe Hornat, Joyce Jones-Ivy, Josh Nicholson, Mary Snider, Lou Waters.

Oro Valley Prop. 462 (yes or no)

PROP 462: Should the Town of Oro Valley be allowed to set its own budget spending limit?

Marana Town Council (pick four)

Nonpartisan: Mace Bravin, Patti Comerford, Jeff Gray, Herb Kai, Jack Neubeck, John Officer, Jon Post.

Sahuarita Town Council (pick three)

Nonpartisan: Kara Egbert, Ryan Huber, Mitchell Miramontes, Tom Murhpy, Lora Nastase, Dalia Zimmerman.

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