UA fans pumped for start of the Wildcat's football season opener

Wild for the Wildcats
Updated: Aug. 31, 2018 at 4:43 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - For University of Arizona fans, the countdown to kickoff is on. They cannot wait to fill Arizona Stadium for the season. That includes one super fan, who doesn't take being a Wildcat fan lightly.

"Honestly when the ball kicks off and our season begins... to see how our story unfolds, it's going to be an amazing season," said Carolyn Dunlap - with high hopes.

She's been a University of Arizona super fan since birth, 32 years ago. She attended her first game when she was 6, and screamed with joy more than she ever had in her life.

"It's the best tradition anyone can have to be a Wildcat fan."

She made it known with an Arizona hat on her head and Wildcat pride on her shirt. Dunlap told Tucson News Now more than half of her closet is likely UA gear.

"It started with my grandfather... he worked as a UAPD officer for many years. Then my grandmother worked as an English professor at the U of A."

That's carried on for generations. It's written in her family's legacy, be a Wildcat fan or bust. She lives for the roller coaster ride of Arizona sports.

"Feeling what it's like to lose. Feeling what it's like to win. What it's like to go to a bowl game, what it's like to lose a bowl game."

Dunlap lives for the atmosphere. She takes selfies to remember before each game.

The tailgates with friends are some of her favorite memories. She said she keeps in mind one that her tailgate group lost several years ago.

"We keep his memory alive, we have a special drink we made just for him."

She's bonded over 'Bear Down' with so many people in her life. She spoke for all fans when she said, "Win or lose, I'm still a Wildcat fan."

Dunlap has to miss Saturday's opening game due to work, but she says she'll have it on as she goes about her night. She said she can't miss it. Dunlap will, however, be at the next home game.

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