Tucson woman survives deadly New Mexico Greyhound bus crash

Tucson woman recovers from bus crash
Updated: Sep. 4, 2018 at 9:46 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Tucson woman is back home and recovering after she was injured in a serious Greyhound bus crash in New Mexico.

Tamica Monique Brumfield was in a Greyhound bus when a semi truck blew a tire and hit the bus head on.

She recalled the moment the bus was hit.

"Just seeing the bus crushed and come my way," Brumfield said. "We were just in shock. there was not even really screaming."

Brumfield and others soon realized the horrific scene around them. Eight people were killed and dozens more were injured.

"I kicked the back window and I started hanging outside of the window," Brumfield said. She managed to get out of the bus but was not able to make it far.

"I took a few steps and then my legs gave out. I laid down on the side of the highway. I was pretty much on my side just trying for help. I'm going to die. That's what came to my mind," she said.

Soon after, Christina Moreno, Brumfield's mom, received a phone call that still haunts her.

"I could just hear her telling me mom, mom, help me, help me I'm dying. And it's still stuck in my head," Moreno said.

Moreno and her husband then started a 9-hour journey to get to Brumfield, who had been moved to a hospital from Gallup to Albuquerque.

"We went from going the direction to go to Gallup and then go through the mountains to get to Albuquerque. So we had to go through some back roads but to get to her as soon as we could," said Jose Camacho, Moreno's husband.

Brumfield has now been back home in Tucson for two days, most of which have been filled with ER vists and checkups.

Despite it all, she said she's grateful to be back, surrounded by support and love.

"I am very thankful to be alive," Brumfield said. "But I do want to offer my condolences to the people who did lose their lives."

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