TUSD looks at where substitute teachers are needed and why

TUSD looks at where substitute teachers are needed and why

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A new study shows substitutes are needed all across the Tucson Unified School District, more so for a short-term than long-term basis.

Dr. Halley Freitas, Sr. Director Assessment and Evaluation, put together the findings for the Governing Board Tuesday night.

The study, a first of it's kind looking at the geographical impact of the need for substitute teachers, found 2//3 of all teachers are need for a short-term, due to teacher vacancies, while the other 1/3 are needed for long-term, due to vacancies or long-term leave.  This is data from the last two school years, from 2016-2018.

While short-term substitutes are needed most at high schools and elementary schools, the long-term substitutes are needed most at alternative, K-8 and middle schools.

According to TUSD, substitute teachers are currently contractors (ESI) and can choose which schools they want to work in. A substitute, with the average being a 55-year-old white female, makes about $100 day.

TUSD spends nearly $6 million on substitute teachers services each year.

There are some indicators for where those fill-in's are often needed. For short-term, they are dispersed through the district, with no geographical concentration.  But, when it comes to long-term, there is a slightly higher distribution in Central and Southeastern parts of the district.

However, the ability to fill those positions, according to the study, was more dependent off the school type, not where the school was located.

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