History-making all-female fire rescue crew

An all-women fire crew in Florida breaks barriers.

  RAW: Viewer-submitted video of tornado touching down in Myrtle Beach

Video courtesy of Cym Caprice

  Ginsburg's personal trainer does pushups, pays respect

RBG's trainer does pushups in U.S. Capitol.

  FBI director talks about election security

FBI Director Christopher Wray says his agency takes all election-related threats seriously.

  FDA issues warning for 'Benadryl Challenge'

  'Hero rat’ wins gold medal for hunting landmines

Magawa has cleared more than 141,000 square meters of land, the equivalent of some 20 soccer fields.

  Wrong-way driver, Sept. 24

Driver stopped heading east in westbound lanes of I-10 near Ina Road on Thursday, Sept. 24.

  gas tanker explosion

  Misreported Deaths

  Police tase woman at middle-school football game in Ohio

Police tased a Marietta, Ohio, woman at a football game in Logan, Ohio, Wednesday night after she refused an officer's request to wear a mask.

  Woman Apparently tased at football game

The woman allegedly was not complying with mask ordinances at the game in Logan, Ohio.

  Pac-12 reaction

  Sep. 24, 2020 KOLD 10-10:30 p.m. Newscst (Full)

  Arizona is open

  Pac-12 decision

  Teaching P.E. during a pandemic

Teaching P.E. during a pandemic

  UK imposes tougher restrictions as cases surge

The United Kingdom recorded Wednesday its highest single-day increase in new Covid-19 cases, just as the government implemented tougher restrictions.

  KOLD 6 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 24

KOLD 6 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 24


  Pac-12 decision

  Stevie Rocker hobby

  PAC 12 fall sports latest

  AIA lowers contact sports metrics

  Pac-12 COVID-19 testing


  TUSD addresses meal debt

TUSD addresses meal debt

  THINK ABOUT IT: Strong character built this country and it will keep us going

Strong character is what built this country and strong character is what will keep it the greatest nation in the world.

  THINK ABOUT IT EDITORIAL: Saying goodbye to a hero