Arizona’s Heart & Sol: High school students making end-of-life dreams come true

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Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 6:46 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - This week, KOLD News 13 is recognizing a group of high school students who are truly making dreams come true.

If you had one final wish, what would it be? A group of University High School students aren’t just asking the question, but making the answer a reality.

“I knew this was the most unique experience I could have in high school,” said Naomi Holtzman, a member of the DreamCatchers Foundation.

The organization fulfills end-of-life wishes for hospice patients.

live music, to painting pumpkins, throwing holiday parties and even bringing families together.

“Many times, they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Them just reconnecting through the dream is always a special moment,” said Kristen Jung, the club president of the DreamCatchers Foundation at University High School.

Most recently they decorated a hospice patient’s home for Christmas.

“We hung up all her ornaments both inside and outside her home. It was really special to her,” said Abigail Jung, a member of the DreamCatchers Foundation.

The University DreamCatchers said they’re also gaining something very special: decades of wisdom from the people they meet.

“We had a Christmas party where we were decorating sugar cookies with the entire home,” Holtzman said. ”We met a woman who was 101 and she just gave us the advice to enjoy life, be happy and she gave us all hugs.”

The wish granting allows the teens to connect with seniors and bridge a generational gap.

“These dreams are more of a way to recognize that these people are more similar than you think,” said Hannah Lui, a member of the DreamCatchers Foundation.

Our Heart & Sol recipients received a gift card from Casino del Sol and they know where it will go.

“We’re doing a holiday themed basket for a couple different homes,” Holtzman said. “This will go so far so thank you so much again.”

If you have someone you think embodies the “Heart and Sol of Arizona,” please nominate them, here. The University DreamCatchers said they’re in need of donations to continue fulfilling wishes. Learn more about the organization and how you can help or start your own chapter, here.

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