Heart and Sol: Vail Mom is a Ray of Sunshine

Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 7:12 PM MST
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ARIZONA'S HEART & SOL: Parent makes teachers feel welcome with Sunshine Carts

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -

Heart and Sol recipient Kaylyn Meador is a mom of four and preschool teacher who puts in hours of time, her own money, and lots of love to spread sunshine at her kids’ schools.

Two of her children attend Corona Foothills Middle School in Vail, and two go to Copper Ridge Elementary.

Because the pandemic has been so tough on teachers, Kaylyn decided to brighten up their day with “sunshine carts” filled with healthy snacks, sweets, and decorations. With help from other parents, she coordinates a colorful spread at both schools once a month.

“It’s hard to be a teacher in a good year,” said Kaylen. “I think the sunshine cart is just one way to remind them that we really appreciate the hard work that (they) put in and it’s really appreciated.”

Not one for the spotlight, Kaylyn makes it clear, lots of parents chip in. Since they generally can’t volunteer in class right now, this is one way they can show their support. They all sign their names and leave notes.

“Those little details, they really do make a difference,” said student achievement teacher Breanne Brace. “The balloons, the notes...that’s the Kaylyn touch, and it is appreciated.”

The parents also take care of clean up after the cart makes its rounds. Meador hopes other parents will consider starting a sunshine cart at their kids’ schools, too.

“Her being awarded this heart and sol award is completely appropriate because that’s just who Kaylyn is,” said Brace.

Kaylyn Meador received a $300 gift card from sponsor Casino Del Sol, and plans to split it with two other moms she says do just as much of the work as she does.

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